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Fanart ;-)

Hello! I drew Saruman. These are thumbnail, but large illustrations is in my site. If your have a free time, please see also there.

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Oh shit those are HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!

*** oh man***

***dies a thousand deaths***

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (*^_^*)
dud0rt you rock you know that

i had a look at the pics on your page as well ..
damn are you talented or what .. !
AND putting your talents to a good use! :D

great work! keep'em coming!
Thank you.!!
When I have you say such, I am glad and my face is very red. => (/////)

and the new ones of Grima and Saruman are even hotter...

I keep going back and looking at them over and over...

hey, how about some with Saru kissing a chick?? or even more than just kissing...but kissing would be good!!!!!

Isengard Unveiled has found some heavy talent, with Morima AND now Bitter Annex Chickadee!!!!!!

I could look at those pics all day and night, the only thing better would be to be the one getting tongued by wickedly hot Saruman....

OMG. yes, keep em coming. PLEASE!!!!!!!

Saruman is the great temptation person.
And temptation persons must be attractive and a technician!!!!!
I considered so, and when I noticed, I was making him kiss.